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Printer stopped working after windows upgrade.

Print spooler stopped.

Wireless Printer Sharing.

My Computer Won't recognize the Printer after windows 10 upgrade.

Unable to Print through Wi-Fi.

Printer drivers issue after upgrading.

Unable to print or scan after windows updates.

Scan to file not working.

Printer is on but not printing

The technicians will ensure that the Ethernet, USB or Wireless transmitter cables are well fitted and devices connected to the relevant network.

Print-head missing

This is an error often caused by an improperly fitted print-head. This leads to display of an error on the printer’s control platform.

Peripheral devices not detected

When devices like Ethernet, USB and Wireless network models are not detected by the printer, the experienced technicians will find out where the problem is and fix it.

Spooler Error..

This error is caused by either a spooler failure or spooler corruption both of which prevents the printer from operating normally. The technicians will reset and format the spooler so that it operates appropriately.

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